Editing an Article in Help Center Manager

You can Edit an article directly in Help Center Manager and then push the changes to Zendesk. The Edit function from the Article View in Help Center Manager also provides many options that are not available in the Zendesk editor.

In this Article
Displaying the Editor
Using the Editor
Making a Change to the Title
Adding and Editing Images, Links and Media
Save and Push to Zendesk

Displaying the Editor

  1. In the Articles page, click anywhere on the row for an article to display the Article View on the right-hand side. 
  2. From the Article View, click Edit
    The content of the article displays.   

040 Editor.gif

Using the Editor

Use the tools and the menu at the top of the article content to access the editor functions. The Help lists the shortcut keys you can use.

039 Editor Menu and Tools.gif

For example, you can use the Find and Replace function from the Edit menu to find and replace text in the article content. 

This does not find the search text in the Article Title (refer below to Making a Change to the Title).

037 Editor Find and Replace.gif

Making a Change to the Title

To make any changes to the Article Title:

  1. Click the Edit icon next to the Title.

    038 Editor Edit Title.gif

  2. Make the changes.
    068 Article View Edit Title.gif
  3. When you click Save and Push to Zendesk, the change to the Title is updated.

The Insert menu of the editor holds the options to add and edit an Image, Link or Media. Selecting the option when the cursor is over an existing image, link or media displays the details so you can edit it. 

You can also add Images and Links in the editor by entering a URL.

  • For a Link, you add this as the URL of the article in Zendesk Help Center and you can copy and paste this from an existing Link.
    The Title is the text that shows in the link and you can select whether the link opens in a new tab.
  • For an Image, it is not possible to upload images in the editor and the image needs to already have been uploaded in Zendesk. In the editor, you add the image as a link to this image. You could use this to add a second instance of an image that is already in the article, or add a link to an image that is already loaded to another article.
  • For Media, add the URL of the video. 
Note: The Insert feature in the editor does not offer the options available in the Insert Link function in Zendesk (to search and select from the Help Center Articles) or the options available in the Insert Image function in Zendesk (to upload and insert one of the images in the article.
If you need to use these, insert Links and Images from the Zendesk Help Center. 

Save and Push to Zendesk

When changes have been made, click Save and Push to Zendesk. This will update the changes in your Zendesk Help Center.

Warning: The Edit in Help Center Manager is not compatible with Content Blocks. This is due to Zendesk's API limitation.
If you change an article that has Content Blocks enabled, and then click Save and Push to Zendesk, this will convert the content of the Content Block to normal text in that specific article.
If this happens, you need to re-enable the Content Block and re-publish that article from Zendesk.
Warning: If there are any unpublished changes to the article in Zendesk, these changes will be lost if you update and save the article in Help Center Manager and push the changes to Zendesk.

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