Checking for Broken Media

The Media page identifies any images and videos that are not valid. Broken Media is Media that does not display for a reader of the Zendesk Help Center. Refer below to Reasons that Images and Video could be Broken.

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Checking Broken Media on the Media Page
Displaying all the Broken Media
Reasons that Images and Video could be Broken

Checking Broken Media on the Media Page

Broken images and videos show on the Media page with a red x icon in the Valid column.

030 Not Valid Link.gif

Displaying all the Broken Media

  1. Click the Filters button to display the Filters.
  2. Select the Filter for Valid as "No". Refer to Using the Column Filters in Articles, Links and Media.

094 Media Valid No.gif

From the Media page you can click the Source Article link to open the article in Zendesk directly from Help Center Manager. You can then edit the article and update the image or video in the Zendesk Help Center in the usual way by uploading the image and inserting it in the relevant place in the article.

Reasons that Images and Video could be Broken

The following are reasons why images and videos would be showing as not valid.

  • An image has been inserted in an article, and then the uploaded image has been deleted from the Zendesk Insert Image pop-up, but the reference to the image is still in the article. 
  • An image that has been copied from another article and then the source article has been archived. Zendesk adds the image as a link to the source article. The image will show when editing the article in Zendesk, and when reading the article as a signed in user, but a user who is not signed in will not see the image, and sees only the alt text for the image.
  • A video has been added using the Add Video function in Zendesk, but then the video has been deleted or moved and therefore no longer exists in the original location.
    In Zendesk, this shows as an invalid video when looking at the article, but when editing an article and without displaying the article as a reader you would not always know a video has been deleted or moved.
Note: If there are any attached files which have been attached as a URL link, these display in the Links page, not the Media page. To check if these are broken, use the Links page. Refer to Checking for Broken and Private Links.

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