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Help Center Manager displays and checks the links in all "Published" and "Draft" and articles in Zendesk. Links in "Archived" articles are not included.

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Using the Links Page
Searching for Links
Sorting the Columns
Opening the Linked Article in Zendesk
Displaying Details about the Links in the Link Pane
Checking for and Fixing Broken Links

In the Links page, each row shows any articles that are linked to in the Zendesk Help Center. 

Link Title The Link Title column shows the Title and URL of the article that is linked to. This is the article that displays when the link is clicked.

For Valid links:
The Link Title column shows the Title and the URL of the article that is linked to. 

For links that are not Valid:
If the link is to a "Draft" article in your Zendesk Help Center, the Link Title displays with the Draft icon.

088 Link Draft Article.gifIf the link is to an "Archived" or "Deleted" article in your Zendesk Help Center, only the URL of the article displays in the Link Title column.

145 Link Archived Article.gif

If the link is to an article that is "Private", that is, it is set in the Zendesk Help Center with Visible to as anything other than "Everyone", the Link Title displays with the lock icon.
089 Link Private Article.gif
Link Text The Link Text is the text in Link itself.
Type Type shows if the link is to an article in the "Help Center" or to an "External" site. 
Valid The Valid column indicates whether or not the links are broken.

Any links to articles that are "Draft" or that that have been "Archived" or "Deleted" in the Zendesk Help Center show as not valid.

A valid link displays with the green tick icon in the Valid column and the Link Title displays both the title of the article and the URL of the article.
029 Valid Link.gif A link that is not Valid displays with the red x icon in the Valid column and, for an "Archived" or "Deleted" article, the Link Title displays only the URL of the article. 030 Not Valid Link.gif
# of articles The number of times that an article is linked to is shown in the # of articles column.

Where there is more than one link to the same article, if the  Link Text is different in any of the links to the same article, the Link Text column shows all the ways in which the link has been added.
Tip: The Links page is useful to check if the Link Text is the same as the Title of the article it links to.
For example, if the Title of an article has changed, you may see some links that still need to be updated to reflect the updated Title.

You can also use the Links page to check that the Link Text shows the way you want it to.

When searching in the Links page, this finds the search text in the Link Title, Link URL or in the Link Text. The search results display with a yellow highlight. For details on searching, refer to Searching for Articles, Links and Media

Sorting the Columns

You can sort any column in ascending or descending order by clicking the column heading.

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You can apply filters to one or more columns. Refer to Using the Column Filters in Articles, Links and Media.

Opening the Linked Article in Zendesk Help Center

You can open the linked article in your Zendesk Help Center directly from the Links page in Help Center Manager.

  1. In the Links page, click the hypertext for the Link Title.

    077 Links Link Title.gif
  2. The linked article opens in your Zendesk Help Center in a new browser tab.

You can display details about the Links by displaying the Link pane.

  1. Click anywhere on the row except on the Link Title hypertext.
  2. This opens the Link pane on the right-hand side.
    078 Link Pane One Link.gif

Where the link has been included in more than one article the Link pane shows all of the articles it is linked in.

079 Link Pane Three Links.gif

From the Link pane you can:

  • To open the linked article, click the Link URL at the top. The article opens in the Zendesk Help Center.
  • To open an article that holds that link, click the Article Title, or click the Edit icon next to it. The article opens in the Zendesk Help Center.
  • To edit the text that shows in the link, click the Link Text, or click the Edit icon next to it.
  • To change the article that the link opens, click the Change Link URL.
    Where the link is in more than one article, this changes all the links. This is useful, for example, if a new article has been created for a topic, and you want to change all the existing links that refer to the old article so they open the new updated article.   

Refer to Checking and Changing Links.

There are various ways you can check for broken links and fix these directly in Help Center Manager. Refer to Checking for Broken and Private Links and Fixing Broken Links

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