Overview of Swifteq Help Center Manager and Analytics

The Swifteq Help Center Apps provide the easiest way to manage and analyze your Zendesk Help Center content.

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Help Center Manager

Help Center Manager gives you access to the Articles, Links and Media in your Zendesk Help Center.

You can Search for Articles, Links and Media. This also offers the additional options of searching with Match Case, Match Exact Phrase, and Search in HTML. Refer to Searching for Articles, Links and Media.

You can use the Column Filters at the top of the Articles, Links and Media tables to choose what to display in the page.

Tip: By applying Filters, such as Category or Section, you can then use other functions such as the Search to search through specific Categories or Sections. 

You can Export one, all or selected Articles, and their content. The export file can be produced as a CSV file, HTML file, Word document or PDF document and, as relevant, there are options on how article content is included in the export file. You can also Export a list of all or selected Links or Media as a CSV file. Refer to Exporting Articles, Links and Media.

Tip: Exporting your articles as a Word document allows you to run a full spell and grammar check using the Word functions. 

Links and Media Pages
The Links page lists all the links to other articles within the Help Center and also any links to external websites. 
The Media page lists all the images and videos you have included in articles.

Tip: The Links page shows where links have been included in more than one article. This is useful if you need to check or change every instance of where a link appears. You can also use the Change URL Link function to change the link in every article it appears in. Refer to Checking and Changing Links

Using a search or sort on the Media page allows you to identify where an image or video appears in more than one article so you can update every instance. Refer to Checking and Changing Media

Identify and Fixing Broken Links and Media
Using the Links and Media pages you can identify any links or media that are not valid.

  • For Links, a broken link is a link to an article that is "Draft", "Archived" or "Deleted" in the Zendesk Help Center. If a reader of the Help Center clicked on the link for an "Archived" or "Deleted" article it would break with an error. If a reader of the Help Center clicked on the link for a "Draft" article, it would only display if the user was signed into Zendesk. If the user is not signed in, they are prompted to sign in.
  • You can also check for Links to articles that are "Private" which are articles that are not set up as Visible to "Everyone".
  • For Media, broken media is an image or video that does not display for a reader of the Zendesk Help Center.

Refer to Checking for Broken and Private Links and to Checking for Broken Media.

There are also various ways you can use Help Center Manager to help fix broken links and media. Refer to Fixing Broken Links and Fixing Broken Media.  

Find and Replace Text across Articles
The Find and Replace function allows you to make changes to text across all, filtered or selected articles. It also includes options to run the Find and Replace in HTML code. As well as being able to replace all instances of text, and push and save the changes to Zendesk, this also has options for you to preview and revise what will be replaced before making the changes. Refer to Using Find and Replace.

Perform Bulk Operations on Articles
You can perform bulk operations on all or selected articles. As well as the functions to Export and Find and Replace, you can use this for Resetting Votes, and for Duplicating Articles.
Displaying and Editing Articles Directly in Help Center Manager
From the Articles page, you can display the Article View to see the details and the full content of the article. 
Using the Edit function from the Article View, you can edit articles directly in Help Center Manager and push the changes to Zendesk. As well as offering all the options available in Zendesk, the Edit function from the Article View in Help Center Manager provides options that are not available in the Zendesk editor. Refer to Editing an Article in Help Center Manager.  
Tip: Use the Article View to find and replace text within an article or to print the article. You can also select font styles, and use additional formatting options not available in Zendesk.

Help Center Analytics

Help Center Analytics provides the metrics to help you understand how your Help Center information is being used, how it is performing for a selected period, and how to improve it. This gives you access to information such as the total number of article views, and votes, and gives information on the articles, categories and sections that are being visited. Help Center Analytics can provide valuable insights into what topics your customers are searching for, and which articles are most popular.

You can also display in depth metrics for specific articles in the Article Metrics. As well as information such as the number of views and the votes for that article, this also gives information on what the visitors did both before and after the visit to the article which gives you insight into how visitors are using the Help Center. From the Article Metrics, you can display the Visitor's Journey which displays information for a specific visitor. The Journey displays the qualitative data of the visitor's activity, such as, other articles or other areas of the Help Center that were visited, where a search was made and the text that was searched for.

Refer to the articles in the section Analytics.

The information displayed in Help Center Analytics can also be integrated with the Helpdesk Tickets and, where the visitors are signed in users, this gives links to the user information in your Zendesk Helpdesk. This integration is set up by enabling Read Tickets when you connect Help Center Manager to your Zendesk account. This can also be enabled after the initial connect using the Reauthorization function. Refer to Read Tickets and Self-Service Score.

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